Short update

Yup, I know, the last post on this blog is more than 6 months old. That’s a lot, especially considering that naive ambition I had to write at least one post a week. But well, if you have ever tried to maintain a blog, I’m confident you won’t blame me too hard (beside, I suspect that there aren’t too many people dying for new posts here, so I’m not really ashamed).

Now that I confessed my sins, let’s just say that 3-50 is still here, I’m still making games on my free time, even if I haven’t showed anything recently. The thing is, I have worked for about 5 months on a wargame with a game designer I met online, and there wasn’t really any gorgeous screenshots or brilliant ideas to show, since it was more the underground, very specific and targeted kind of projects. Sadly, the collaboration came to an end and “RAF” will never see the light of the day.

Sadly, did I say? Well, not so much, since it allowed me to start a new project, which is something positive… right? Of course, what what supposed to be a very short game, made in a month, is now at about 10%, after two months of work, but it’s ok, I just didn’t invest the time it deserved, and I have good hope it will be a fun, short experience that players will be able to discover at least in their browser, in some months!

Universe Clicker - working title, obviously
Universe Clicker – working title, obviously

So this is the first peek at Universe Clicker a narrative idle/clicker game about travelling in space, which you should discover a bit more soon as I progress.

But it’s not the only thing on my mind lately… More about that in a next post!